Full site redesign. Coming soon!

Either you will see it this Saturday, or, slightly more likely, you will see it next Saturday. I will be using state of the art WordPress technology. There is nothing slicker, newer, cooler, or more beautiful than Thrive Themes & Content Builder plugin.

I have searched hard and long for something like this. Big and Bold. And yet classy at the same time. The featured graphic for this post is a screenshot of the new design, just to give you a taste.

Many web designers are fond of reviewing and redesigning their own websites. I am certainly one. It keeps me sharp, and lets me become familiar with the latest trends and tricks. So I make sure that my website clients are getting current practices and design.

This new technology will allow me to create better, faster, higher converting websites for your business. Is it time for you to invest in your website? To give your competition some sleepless nights? If so, start thinking about WHAT goals you want your site to accomplish. And how very important it is to have a mobile responsive website.

It is funny. Because so called “Drag and Drop” used to generate sneers from real programmers. Too easy! Creates bad code they would shout. And yet, right now, as you read this, Drag and Drop themes and plugins are taking WordPress to the next level. Fast. There is no hotter segment of WordPress technology at this time.

I think it is because of one simple reason. People LOVE drag and drop simplicity. After a slight learning curve, creating a state of the art website is arguably easier than creating a Word Document.

Sure, your head may get banged and bruised in the beginning, hey, such is life. Learning takes us out of our comfort zone. And that hurts. But when the pain subsides, you realize that you are full control of your website. And THAT is some serious power in this oh so connected digital world.

I will be offering a beginners setup in the very near future. Where you can play around on your own. Where I take care of all the stuff that takes time to learn and will only be done once, saving you many hours and weeks of learning curve. So you can get right to your website content.

It is hard for me to believe that everyone does not spend 4 out of 5 days each week learning all about website building and design and SEO and security and hosting and graphics software. And yet I am glad that is not true, otherwise I would have no clients.

Conversely, I do understand that many clients have no desire to do or learn anything about websites ever. That they just want the website to work and have one person to call if it needs attention of any type.

I am like that with cars, which is why I try to purchase a car on Cape. So I have ONE place that knows me, knows my car. So I do not have to chase down various car repair places when I need repairs or service. Vetting car repair places is definitely NOT how I like to spend my time.

And so a guy like me needs to be flexible and understand the needs of various types of clients. Which type are you? Hands on? Hands off? A combination?

I am available to have a conversation about your website anytime.

Enjoy your weekend. Let’s hope the snow holds off for at least another month 🙂