Fun with Infographics…

Time for some fun! You probably have seen infographics without realizing it. They are everywhere really. At workplaces they are the signs that show safety procedures in an easy to assimilate format. More than a STOP Sign, but less than an instruction manual. The graphical/informational equivalent of “Buying a Vowel” on Wheel of Fortune. They are an extremely efficient and effective way of imparting enough information so that one feels like they have a grasp where maybe before there was none.

Here is a link to three excellent examples. Remember to click the graphic a second time for the larger view.

One is WordPress related. One is the steps to the latest dance craze courtesy of South Korea. And here is the YouTube in case you have been living in a bubble 🙂 They say this will be the first YouTube video to reach ONE BILLION VIEWS. That is impressive. Will one of my faithful readers be the one billionth viewer?

And the third is one I happened to come across that pertains to domain names. And it did its job by teaching me very quickly that things are changing a big way. Seems .com endings are not enough anymore, we need about 300 more endings. Yikes! I manage about 60 domain names and even that is a fair amount of work. This particular infographic fails to make one important point. It speaks of TLD and neglects to mention that TLD stands for Top Level Domain, like the .com and .net that we are used to. This is not something my readers would necessarily know so I thought it worth a mention. This seems like way too many new domains to me, how about you?

WordPress 3.5 will be released b y the time you read this. Generally, each new version will be easier to use. With a few new features added. And security issues addressed. And all who have their site hosted with CapeWP have no worries. You will be updated at the appropriate time. Usually a few days/weeks after the initial release. This delay is to let any bugs to be worked out BEFORE updating. A backup of your site will be taken previous to the update as well as a precautionary measure. is powered by Dell servers with server grade Intel processors and Intel Solid State Drives. I believe this is the very best hosting value on the Internet today!

The most exciting WordPress Plugin I have found this week is one that lets you bring your existing ETSY Store into your WordPress site. How cool is that? Sell! Sell! Sell! There is also a similar one for eBay items you are selling.

As you may have guessed, I am bring the famous laser focus of this newsletter/Blog around to WordPress and what it can do for your business. After doing a little of pretty much everything tech related, I have determined that the best way I can help small businesses increase their bottom line is through a WordPress Website. This, by design, also begins to harness to power of mobile business and search. Bottom line is, many new customers are searching for your business on their phone or tablet. Is you site ready for mobile action? Stay tuned for more on this. Having a mobile friendly site can help you increase your bottom line. Greatly.

And here is the Christmas decoration for the CapeWP office. Quite fitting, don’t you think?

Christmas at

Enjoy your Holiday Season!

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