Get ready to rock!

OK, so you thought finding and obtaining the perfect domain name was hard. Well, soon you will be thinking that was the easy part.

Many of you readers probably thought that Website Hosting would logically be the next step in creating a successful website. Good guess, but no cigar.

The next step is where the wheat gets separated from the chaff. Hang on. This next step will take all the creativity and business acumen you can muster. This is where you need to decide/determine what goals you want to accomplish with your website. And how to measure progress towards those goals.

And the exact nature of this step definitely depends on the type of business you have. Do you sell a service? A product? Is that product downloadable or does it need to be shipped? How many items are you starting with? How many might be added each year?

If you are selling a service, like, say, window washing, or house cleaning, do you manage an email list so you can provide your clients and potential clients with fast timely information? Will you be offering discount coupons in exchange for their email address? Or maybe a high value branded downloadable PDF for that address?

Have you researched the keyword phrases that Google recommends for your business? Will you use Google Analytics to track how many have downloaded that PDF, or filled out your contact form or clicked the “add to cart” button?

Would you rather get an email response or a phone call from your website? What value are you providing to your visitors that will help solve a problem for them? Have you created a “sales funnel” to gently guide them to the action you want them to take?

Not every question needs to be asked and answered because it depends on the type of site that will best serve your business. You can see that we have asked some big questions, but certainly not all of them. can be very beneficial to you in having a productive conversation regarding the above questions. I will soon be offering this type of consultation on this site for a reasonable fee. Stay tuned. Or, in the spirit of the brand new kick ass year we have all been given… Hang on!

In tandem with this process, the other less tangible change that needs to take place during this process is that you need to realign your expectations regarding your new website. It is hard for me to count the number of people I have encountered that say something like “websites do not work”.  “I have one and it does not work.” “Did not make me a millionaire overnight.” “Websites suck.”

Invariably, I elicit a domain name from them and go to check it out. Ouch! Uncle Harry did it for free. Poorly designed, poorly implemented, takes 30 seconds to load the home page, phone number is either not there or maybe out of date. No call to action, no contact info on home page, not mobile responsive, and when “add to cart” is clicked a “Sorry this page does not exist” page pops up. Double ouch!

Because, get ready, sit down… The world is not waiting for your $10 dollar website to go live so customers can flood you with an obscene amount of traffic so that you are a millionaire overnight. Ouch! Someone actually had to say those words. The truth hurts. And it also sets you free.

Free to engage in the current reality of doing business online. Which is that a well conceived and well executed website can significantly increase your business, your brand, and your bank account.

Want some homework? Here it is: Get a Twitter account, follow others in your area and business and see how they are using Twitter to enhance their online business. Got a holiday discount coupon to offer? Tweet that bad boy to all your followers and see what happens 🙂

The take away here is that you, the business owner, really needs to be involved to a large degree, at least in the beginning. You know more about your business than I ever will. I know more about websites.

So let’s get together and profit in 2015!

Rockin’ in the cold,