Dr. Jaimie DeRosa

If you get really bored on a Saturday Night…

get married, buy a horse, do anything else other than get surgery on your nose. Oh yes, it is exciting, thrilling, stimulating and you will not be bored. True.

But when the pain train comes speeding around the corner, lookout! I’ll never know why I decided not to be put under anesthesia. I mean, I like being “present” for life. But I am neither a martyr nor a masochist. (For clarity, the intense pain was caused by the needle of lidocaine, which was so that the stuff that would have even been MORE painful would not hurt. And that part did not hurt. Still, no fun at all.)

*Disclaimer: It was in no way the good doctorโ€™s fault that the lidocaine shots hurt. It is just that the nose happens to be a very sensitive place.

How bad was it? Well, I nearly missed this blog post ๐Ÿ™‚ Yikes! That’s how bad. It just dawned on me now that it is Friday and I have no blog post.

Although there is no blogger on the planet who does not miss a post here and there, I figured I could put this lean and mean post up and then get to some Netflix. FYI, for those who enjoy intelligent comedy by true masters of the game, Grace & Frankie season 4 appears January 19th.

I would not even look at the photos the surgeon took before and after. Maybe in 6 months. Maybe not. I took a few selfies after the fact. But I am way to classy to put one up as the Featured Image of this post. And believe me, that is a good thing for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Health is very important. If you ever need any reconstructive surgery I can highly recommend Dr. Jaimie DeRosa of Newbury Street Boston. She is an extremely accomplished and talented and skillful and dedicated surgeon. Thanks Doc! If you are ever on the Cape, coffee is on me.

I hope you don’t have a need, but if you do, check in with Dr. DeRosa. Also, consider general anesthesia ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, what shall I choose for a photo for this blog… (I had a nice Winter of Central Park photo up, but then figured why not put one up of Dr. Jaimie DeRosa? Yup, that makes this whole post worth reading for sure, much better!)

Be warm,


*Disclaimer: It was in no way the good doctor’s fault that the lidocaine shots hurt. It is just that the nose happens to be a very sensitive place.