Good progress this week…

Well, I think I have found the best photo plugin for my humble photo sales site,

It is one I was not familiar with called GRFX. It allows me to interface with WooCommerce which is a great thing. And allows me to watermark the photos automatically, as well as upload many photos at once and have them automatically turn them into WooCommerce products. That can be very time consuming if done one at a time manually. Trust me on that.

What remains to be seen is if it has the flexibility that I would like. I want to change the Read More links to Buy Now links. So, check it out here to see what happened 🙂

Also, by the time you receive this post, I will have added an About page. A good about page is a NECESSITY for any website on today’s Internet.

One interesting decision that needs to be made is will I put up ALL of my photos, or just the ones I think are particularly good. Hmmm. Stay tuned for this outcome. Kind of like a Soap Opera. Days of Our Lives, online version 🙂

In other news, the new bigger iPad is out! I cannot wait to see it. With the four speakers, it should be an awesome Netflix machine. But maybe it will be too big and unwieldy for that.

Another cool thing that just happened is that I may be making an offer on an existing WordPress business. I am very excited about this. I will never stop creating websites, so no worries at all if you need a good sharp looking effective website for your small business. I will always be available for that.

As a matter of fact, I am having a Fall Special right now. For the absurdly low sum of $295, I will refresh your older WordPress website, transforming it into a modern site that INCLUDES a new Theme and a state of the art plugin that let’s you change your website as easily as possible. Really the best way to get started with this amazing technology. If it has been a few years since any changes on your website, you are losing money. Simple as that. This is the best deal you will ever get.

WordPress Website Refresh: $295.
Includes Beaver Builder Plugin and Theme (a $200 value on its own) and all work to make the switch.

Above, with 2 hours training, add $295

This will not last forever, get them while they’re hot!

I hope your week was productive and enjoyable.

Have a festive weekend.