Google and YouTube for learning…

If you want free lessons in how to use software, YouTube is your friend. You can watch an almost infinite number of tutorials on just about every piece of software ever made. Some are better than others. And you can re-watch as many times as you like for free. YouTube is also great for computer reviews. Want to see that new Mac laptop in action before you buy, have a look on YouTube. You will be amazed at what you can find. If YouTube has pool playing dogs, it probably has everything else you might be looking for )

Google buying YouTube is probably one of the best business decisions ever made. Nicely played Google, nicely played.

And for those other times when things are not quite working right with your software, you can search Google for the problem and there is a 99.999% chance that someone else has had the same issue.

Here you want to tread a bit more carefully. Some of the info you find may be out of date. Some may be wrong. Some may be right, but still not fix your particular issue. And some may be overly technical. Easy does it.

And still other links may in fact be malware themselves. A favorite trick of the bad guys is to pose as good guys who offer the “cure” for your malware issues. So, instead of downloading software that can help you, all you get is more worse malware. Not fun.

Here is where years of experience can help, but even that is not 100% “bad guy proof”.

By far the best way to deal with malware issues is not to get them in the first place. This means never click a link in an email without first giving it some serious thought. The bad guys are experts (unfortunately) at social engineering. If SPAM is still an issue for you, get Gmail. They have the very best spam filter on the planet. I like to think my business class email is a close second 🙂

And when searching on Google, be aware that the top 3 or so results are PAID for. (this is not necessarily a bad thing but still good to know) In other words ads, not necessarily the best answer to your query. And, depending on what you are searching for, many of the so called “organic” links can be iffy. For instance, “Work at home jobs”. Not quite “free money” but still a search that will bring up lots of quasi real and often risky results.

Another great place to go for answers is a Forum, I spent much time in a Forum specific to my car model. It is truly amazing the things one can learn from fellow aficionados. Just search Google for “VW Bug Forum” or what have you. There is generally one forum in the category that is much more active than the others. You just need to look at a few and check the frequency of threads and the dates of responses. It will become obvious.

Super great for hobbies and interests of any kind.

And that’s a wrap. Just a few tidbits on how to get more from this thing we still call the Wild Wild Web 🙂

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