Gravity but not the movie…

Grabvity Form


This week’s post will focus on Gravity Forms. Which helps bring back into focus of this blog to WordPress. Specifically the truly spectacular flexibility that WordPress allows the small business owner. After exhaustive testing and research, I chose Gravity Forms as the best solution for my clients websites as well as my own.

Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress plugin. That means it costs money to purchase it. It also means that the genius programmers will be around in the future to support their product and increase its funtionality! Which means that you, the small business owner with a web presence, benefit greatly.

With all the hoopla YouTube Videos, Tweeting, Facebooking, Yelping and Instagramming going on, the business owner who, at the end of the day, is obtaining new customers through proper use of forms on their website, wins. Game, set and match.

And Gravity forms simply excels at this. Smooth flexible power. Whether it be conditional logic, multi-part Forms, or scheduled forms, Gravity Forms can handle it. now joins the ranks of professional WordPress developers that use Gravity Forms EXCLUSIVELY for our clients’ websites.

A Gravity Form can be added to any WordPress website. Starting price is $95 for a basic contact form. Once you see the backend management of the responses you will immediately see the value and benefits.

Gravity Forms is a perfect example of why WordPress works so well for so many types of businesses.

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Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress