Have you ever or do you know any one who has ever…

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purchased a product or service from a Facebook page? I myself am God’s gift to E-commerce and I have never purchased anything ever from any business’s Facebook page. And I do not know anyone who has. Ever.

And yet there are businesses out there who think they can save money by having a Facebook page as opposed to their own website. Ouch!

Here is what usually happens to me when I somehow land on a business’s Facebook page: I immediately look for a link to their website so I can obtain some “hard” information. After searching the page, I cannot find it. Then I spend a minute or two in a state of disbelief. Why would I ever care about how many “likes” they have if I am not able to ascertain if their service/product is for me?

Even then I do not care about their “likes”. I want INFORMATION and I want it now. What are your hours? What is your location? What is it about you that is going to make me want to do business with you? What are your prices?

And so I sometimes click on a link out of desperation, like I did today on the new Chatham Orpheum Theater’s Facebook page. I clicked on The Movie Theatre linkĀ (try it)

I was then shown a bunch of links to their competition! There is, unless I am missing something, no way to get to an actual website for actual information. Luckily, I can Google and I found a real website here. Which I forwarded to a friend who I thought would like it. Whew.

There may or may not be a way to better link a Facebook page (which, do not forget, is owned and operated by Facebook) but the experience I have mentioned above has happened many times to me. In many of those cases having a page for your business with no information on it has caused me to form a negative opinion of your business. And I can deal with that. But YOU, the business owner, would most likely want your potential new customers to have a favorable impression of your business. And that is still, for now and the foreseeable future, best accomplished by having a fresh, fast, informative website that is owned and operated by you.

If you want to do business on the web, you need a real honest to goodness website. And it will cost some money. That’s life.

Razor Sharp Tip:

Here is a video on how to fix some of IOS 7’s biggest issues. It helped me alot.

And here is a website with some more tips for IOS 7.

The update to IOS 7 was huge. This always off puts many people, including me. But with the above tips you can “fix” some things so the changes will not be so jarring.

I speak for the iPhone as I have not yet seen or tried IOS 7 on an iPad.


Tickets JUST became available for the Boston WordCamp! Get em while they are hot. They sell out fast. And I mean fast. If you ever wanted to experience WordPress full out and see what the WordPress community is all about, this is a truly great opportunity. Yours truly will of course be there!

Enjoy your day.