Heck of a ride in 2015

In my combined total of 30 years of living on Cape Cod, I have never seen this much snow. It may actually be helping me to decide on warmer climate for my late/middle/golden years.

After all the pondering about where to live, I thank God for a warm and dry home and a way to work from that home. I sure do wish I had found this 20 years earlier 🙂

And yet, the Internet has only been around in anything near its current form for about 20 years, and I have been working with it one way or another for that long. It is just recently, within the past 5 years or so, that I have found a way to maximize my value to clients and productivity right from my desk.

I like to think that was due to my fine execution of my “master plan”. To be able to do the same type of work equally well from any geographic place that I happened to be/live/visit. One thing for sure, wherever I go, I will be able to Blog from there. No worries 🙂 (usually, my “master plan” is more like getting my tie stuck in the commuter train door and running along side the train as best I can until the next station)

But that was actually the, much to my surprise, easy part. Deciding where to move to, if anywhere, is proving to be, as Sherlock Holmes would say, “Quite a three pipe problem, Watson”.

Some of you faithful readers may, or may not, have noticed that you did not receive the clockwork like Blog Post last Saturday.

Here’s what happened: It was late in the week, and I had procrastinated, to the last possible time I could do the post. Which is Friday night. I have done this on more than one occasion. Usually it goes just fine. It is never that there is nothing to write about, but more of choosing what to write about.

But around that time I noticed that some of my online WordPress buddies were in Vegas at a WordPress conference. And it seemed like they were learning alot and having much fun. The private jet was in the repair shop, so I paid for a Live Stream and attended that conference. It was extremely compelling.

And around that time I also connected with a fellow web hosting professional (online friend) in North Carolina and did my best to offer support, as he was having some big decisions to make regarding his business.

So, for the first and only time that I can remember, I completely spaced out the weekly blog post.

You may now officially close the record on the big mystery of The Missing Blog Post.

Next year I will be looking for a military grade flame thrower and I will melt my own snow 🙂

Careful on the ice folks,


PS. Here is one of the best articles on computer security that I have ever come across. Great because, among other things, it clearly points out how the media slants this issue to make us all believe that there is nothing we can do.