Hold the presses! Stop everything!

I have new information on password managers. Here is how it happened.

This week I made the executive decision to move my business website productivity empire back to Windows. I had been using a Mac for over three years, enjoyed it, but found some things lacking in the interface department.

Simply put, the OS X had become dated in its look and feel. Conversely, Microsoft had finally made Windows 10 all that it could be, and really worked on the interface. It is fresh, modern, elegant, and easy to use (in my opinion).

Each certainly has its advantages. But at the end of the day, the speed and modern interface on Windows 10 called to me with its siren song.

By now, I pretty much have it down to where I can move over everything ,reinstall what needs reinstalling, get my passwords managed, and be back at work building and hosting websites in a matter of a few hours. This is due in part to over 20 years experience doing this kind of thing for others. And also because I just really like computers and software.

And I have learned over the decades that when doing this there is always something that goes awry. Without fail. Like a software that needs to be repurchased due to compatibility. This is becoming less of an issue, but still crops up for sure.

In this case, it was 1Password that was causing me a bit of grief. One reason was that the password file itself over the decades had become bloated with many errors and duplicate and incorrect settings. As a result, it would not import correctly to my demo copy on the Windows side. OK, I had done my research and knew that I would need to purchase for about 50 dollars a new copy. OK, well, that is life in the big city. Unless… Hmmm, maybe there was a stone I had left unturned pertaining to password management software. Hmmm. I seemed to remember one that I had tried long ago called LastPass. It is one of the Big Three (1Password, Dashlane and LastPass). I had not looked at this one for years. And what a nice surprise to see it had a useable interface (a complete remake) and also was free. Hmmm, I tried it, liked it, and decided to go with it for my new Windows 10 machine.

And I also figured this would be a good time to cull my password file (about 5500 entries) for sake of easier management down the road. I got it down to 475 entries and still have some to go and will continue to cull on an ongoing basis as I move along.

I have no doubt that future people will laugh at the concept of passwords the way we now laugh at floppy disks, as they will have an iris scanner that confirms and secures their identity for any website they may visit with not a password or username in sight. Also, we will all be driving electric cars, powered by the sun. We just are not sure about when for either scenario.

So for today, your actionable tip is to check out LastPass to see if you like it. Be aware that ANY password manager will take some getting used to.

Rock it,