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I remember the very first super bowl.

By Dave Bell | February 3, 2018

I was not a huge football fan back then, and not much has changed. I like it when the Pats win so the people are happy. I am more looking forward to some good Winter Olympics. I love Curling and Bob Sled among others. The Skiing also. And, thankfully, Baseball season is coming super soon! …

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Happy the cat

If you want to try your hand at building a website…

By Dave Bell | January 26, 2018

Head on over to wix.com or WordPress.com. Both are easy. Kind of sort of. And both are free or darn close to free. Both will upsell you like crazy. That is the world we live in. And you will invest some time. How much depends. On you. And your level of tech experience/savvy. The main …

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Winter at Wychmere Harbor.

How is Tom Brady’s hand?

By Dave Bell | January 19, 2018

Now that I have your attention, two things. Go Pats! And see graphic below. Rock on. Winter on Cape Cod. Enjoy the quiet. Dave