How could it already be Friday again?

Already? It just does not seem possible. Well, one holiday is over, another looming close. There was a good chance that I was gonna be in Philly at this time, but it did not happen. I knew if I pulled the plug (timing was important to make sure I did not get stuck with travel payments) that I would wish I had gone. Even still, I am glad I made the decision. The stress was getting to me, and if I do not manage my stress levels, who will?

Here is the full schedule. If you have any interest at all in WordPress and its amazing community, here are some of the very best in the WordPress ecosystem that have given of themselves to speak about their specialty within WordPress.


You can watch the live stream for FREE. Just signup and you are there. Between the live stream and Twitter, I feel like I am there. It is quite something. Technology.

Most, if not all, of these speakers are very accomplished and successful and at the top of their game. Well worth checking out. You can get an idea from the title or the synopsis if it might be interesting to you. Saturday is the second and last day of the event.

I did manage to get some changes to my own website up, always getting closer to my exact vision of what it should be. Pretty much like every other website out there. It never ceases to amaze me how a website can be both simple and complex at the very same time. I live full time in this arena and yet sometimes the simplest thing can totally baffle me. In that case, I usually ask Google. Because Google knows all.

As I mentioned, there is a fair chance that I will be building a few custom computers. They will be Windows of course, because only Apple can build computers that run the MacOS. And it was pretty much that fact that pushed me back to Windows. Apple was just too confining. If they did not make it, that was it. No options, and one was stuck waiting and waiting and waiting to see if they would bring out a newer more modern version of their computers. Ouch. I just do not have that much time left that I can afford to do that. Not with technology changing as fast as it does. I am waiting on the availability of a crucial part. I hope it comes very soon because I get 5% off at Amazon in December. Through the magic of Discover.

It also didn’t hurt that Windows 10 is the best Windows ever and quite modern and fast.

If you are a Windows person, or a Mac person, the best thing you can do it to click through these two ads and purchase the software. You will be glad you did.

Survive a PC disaster with a free trial of Carbonite cloud backup!



These are both best of breed and will really help you have a better overall computing experience and Carbonite will actually help you sleep better. Peace of mind.

Even though it has been around in its more or less current form for over 20 years, the Internet is still the Wild Wild Web. Trust me on that. Protect yourself.

The photo for this post was taken on my daily walk.

Thanks for your support.

And remember, if you are able, it is a time of year for giving. I have about 5 favorite charities. How many do you have?

I will list mine next week.