How the magic happens…

LOL! I wish I knew 🙂 Actually, the magic I speak of here is the magic of WordPress. And it comes directly from the super talented programmers and designers and business savvy folks that make up the WordPress Community.

WordPress can do anything. You just need to learn how. There is never, in any arena, a way to get what you want without having to be a little uncomfortable and learn something. When people say WordPress is easy, what they really mean is that it is EASIER. And that is true. Studying WordPress for an hour, a day or a week to learn enough to make your own website is for sure easier than going to programming college for 4 years. So in that respect, it is “easy”. But you will still need some form of skin in the game. That is just life.

As an example, remember when you were learning to drive and you had to learn how to backup? And use all those mirrors differently, as well as use the steering wheel backwards? And it seemed impossible and freaky? That is what I am talking about. Also like when you had to learn how to change a font in MS Word. Easy, after you suffered a bit to learn what you had to learn.

The great thing about WordPress, besides everything, is that there is enough depth and width to the ecosystem and that gives infinite flexibility to the professionals that use it. I have my own combination of software and plugins that I use with WordPress to benefit you, the client. (and me too) And yet this combination is different, sometimes wildly so, from all the other professionals who work with WordPress.

I try not to change my, for lack of a better word, stack, of WordPress software. And yet part of my job is assessing new things that come along which may benefit you.

So, as promised last week, here is my WordPress “stack”:

WordPress. Duh.

Beaver Builder. (makes things drag and drop simple)

The Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. (adds on many extra designs and features)

And for this purpose, that is it. There are a bunch of other plugins that I use to provide the most reliable easiest to use flavor of WordPress so that if any clients wants to start doing more themselves, everything needed will be in place for a smooth learning experience.

They are too many and detailed to mention here.

Make no mistake, one of them is a backup plugin.

Backing up WordPress websites is just as important as backing up your files. Skimp anywhere else, but not on backups.

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