Carved Home Signs

How to increase the value of your house…

Just go here and order up a hand carved sign for your very own. Seen above, this is something I had meant to do for too long. I am so glad I finally did it. It really transforms how my house looks from the road. The previous number was just simple brass numerals.

As usual, Spring is coming in hard. Not all that unusual on Cape Cod. A nice day here and there and then “real feel” temps tonight of 17 degrees!

Lots going on this week but all behind the scenes. A new version of WordPress itself was released. As usual, I test it on my own site before updating client sites. Also, there was a whole big bunch of pro-active security updates for WordPress and various WP plugins also this week. Those were updated on client sites. All in the background. All without you, the website owner, having to lift a finger or even fire up a brain cell 🙂 Such is the total luxury of hosting your WordPress website with CapeWP.

More work on my rebranding. The first iteration of my new business card should be arriving shortly. Keep an eye out for it on the boards at the various lunch spots 🙂 My large overview goal is to get more people involved with WordPress and learning to Blog or create your own website. And I am taking some exciting actions in that regard. Because one thing I have learned in 20+ years on the web is that the EASIER something is, the more people will try it AND like it!

So my week was alot of grunt work behind the scenes with the high point being a new sign for my house. What was your week like?

Rock on,