How was your week?

The weather was all over the place, but mostly cool, breezy and sunny. My favorite type of weather for sure. The 2 humid/hot days and nights were brutal. Air conditioning comes to my house this next week. Good thing I did not procrastinate any longer. As we all know, the local service companies get very backed up this time of year. I am using Brown’s Burner Service. Do not worry about the website, we are working on a much needed update. The service is excellent. Bob has been helping homeowner’s for around 25 years here on Cape Cod. If you need AC or heating service, give Bob a call.

Because here on Cape Cod we support local businesses. It is how we survive.

Speaking of website redesign, soon you will not recognize this site right here. I am going to do a top down redesign. Not because I do not like the current design, it has held up really well. But fresh is good in the world of websites. So get ready to rock.

The Summer Season is upon us. Patience on the road is necessary. Serenity now 🙂

What do you think of the new Apple iPads? They look pretty slick and people are liking them. I am going to try one out as soon as Best Buy Hyannis gets them in stock.

Short and sweet,