Learning WordPress is fun!

How was your week?

Mine was kind of all over the place. It seemed long. TGIF. High points were lunch at Ollie’s in Chatham and Nauset Grill in Orleans. No surprise there. And the fact that my new website is up and running smoothly. This is in addition to my CapeWP.com site, not a replacement. CapeLearnWP.com

The goal of the above site is to gently encourage others to engage with WordPress and the WordPress community for fun and/or profit. There is no shortage of websites that provide all kinds of learning about WordPress, this one will be added to the list. Kind of like an on ramp on the highway. You gotta have one if you want to get on the highway!

I will be adding, by next week, a free complete manual on how to operate WordPress. Kind of like the forgotten manual 🙂 This will be a free download that you will receive just by signing up for the Free Trial. Perfect for those who like to read through the tutorials on an iPad.

I am very happy with the plugin technology I finally decided upon to manage the memberships and payments. And now consider myself a bit of an expert. That is one benefit to following the learning curve on just about anything in life. And to go even further, I am now officially announcing that this type of website will be a specialty of mine. If you have always wanted something like this for your business, let’s get together.

It can even be used to protect just some pages of your current site, without being a full “membership site”. In other words have a password required to access some areas of the site without necessarily requiring payments.

By far and away the highest point of my week was a complete and total surprise. A Twitter friend, whom I had met at the WordCamp US a month or two ago, sent me a message that said she mentioned me in a blog post at HeroPress.com. I was aware but not overly familiar with this website. I smiled to myself, having no idea exactly what she may have said, but since I liked and trusted her, I was not worried in any way. And then when I went to read her post I was completely and totally knocked right out of my chair. Rebecca spoke from the heart of her personal srtruggles, and she totally understood my trials and tribulations of attending such a large event. It may have been the cool software that initially attracted me to WordPress, but it is the people, like Rebecca, that keep me involved long term. I have no idea why, but there is magic in the WordPress community. People get “the struggle”, and whatever their personal struggle is or has been, there seems to be a common bond.

If you want to experience the quality of writing that I aspire to, have a look for yourself.

It just might change your life.

I mean, she had me right at the title…

I honestly do not think I have read anything that more perfectly expresses what WordPress is really all about. And I read like… a lot!

Thank you Rebecca for your gift to me this week. What a difference it made.

Rock on,