I apologize for the non-working link…

in last week’s post. It was not the fault of WordPress in any way. It was me. I had forgotten to add the “www” version of the domain name to my webserver. Each website these days is really two domains. The “www.yoursite.com” version and the “yoursite.com” version.

And with the lighter & faster server I am using, I need to manually add them both. I had forgotten about this fact. So it was 100% my bad.

And so, because I know that the world is on the edge of its seat to view firsthand the exciting step by step progress of a bona fide WordPress Ecommerce Website, I am leaving the initial site up in all its glory for another week.

You can see it here!

I did some research over the past week and decided that I would use the Envira Plugin to add ecommerce functionality to the site. I will begin with the dummied down but free version of the plugin. I like it because of its easy to use shopping cart and the fact that it uses WooCommerce plugin which is, to my mind, the Holy Grail of ecommerce plugins. There is hardly anything it cannot do.

I also explored how to best, and in this case best means cheapest and easiest, add SSL to the website. This is absolutely necessary for an ecommerce website. I decided that I do not want to use PayPal for the payment gateway. It is kludgy and confuses potential customers, often ending with the dreaded “abandoned cart”. (PayPal is the only method for ecommerce without adding SSL)

The payment gateway I will use is called Stripe. It takes a fee off the top and automatically puts the monies into my checking account. And it is secure and to me, the smoothest checkout possible.

Adding SSL can be a bit of a beast. One has to kind of be “in the zone” and then sometimes it will go smoothly. Other times, not so much. This will be my first time using it on the new server. Fingers crossed. One cannot use Stripe, or any other payment gateway, without SSL.

Enjoy your weekend, remember to check out the website so you can track the exciting progress!

This is a fresh out of the box default WordPress website at this point.

Remember, WordPress is not easy. But it is ten times easier than any other way 🙂

Enjoy your weekend. Happy Halloween. I will be dressed as FireFox! You can download the mask here if you need a quickie costume 🙂