I bet you never heard of WHMCS…


Well, I have. It is software I swore I would never use again. Not because I did not like it. Not because it did not work as advertised. Simply because I wanted a change. Also, it is a bit of a beast with updates and it is fairly complex to setup. From an administrative point of view it can overwhelm. The lesson here is never say never 🙂

It stands for Web Host Management Complete Solution. Wow, that is a mouthful.

I guess I always knew I would revisit WHMCS. There have been numerous new versions. It offers a complete online Help Ticket System. A complete invoicing system for selling almost any type of product. And it automatically sets up web hosting. Which is a feature I have not used but am thinking I might this time around.

All for the purpose of offering quick and easy WordPress website setup. You would be able to purchase your new website, purchase a new domain name (or use an existing name you own), and have WordPress installed and ready for you. You would also be able to purchase CapeWP’s world famous business class email. All from the comfort of your own desk.

You would also be able to manage ALL of your invoices, estimates, and domain names from a single login. And open a support ticket if necessary.

This is why I am last minute with this post. I get deep into all the setup/installation and the hours just fly by.

I have included an image of just 3% of the dashboard of WHMCS so you can get an idea of the complexity. It boggles the mind. Trust me.

Stay tuned, as this may very well be the most exciting online project I have ever undertaken.

One more interesting fact about WHMCS is that in a stable of maybe ten but really more like five web hosting software available, WHMCS is like 100 times more popular than all the others combined. Rough calculations are they get well over 2 million dollars per MONTH at about $15 per client. That is hugely successful by any standards. And the iPhone app which used to be unusable, is now a very slick and powerful app. Thankfully.

And although it may be overkill for the single freelance consultant, nevertheless it could be worth a look because of the depth of features. I do not think software exists that is affordable to an individual has any more features or flexibility than WHMCS.

Keep in mind that the graphic is a screenshot of ONE tab out of all the tabs you can see and about 100 more that are drop downs that you cannot see. This is some seriously complex software 🙂

Just so you know, the image provided is meant to give you a glimpse into what I do. Next week, I will show a screenshot of YOUR panel. One thousand times easier, I assure you 🙂 LOL!

Have a great weekend folks.