I need to get a snow blower…

1-snowand a garage to put it in 🙂 What a handy tool to have for a heavy snow. Good thing I had a friend who knew a guy with a blower. I was able to get out of my driveway 3 days before the snow melts. I hope you are all plowed out as well. Or at least plowed out enough to function, like me.

I figure right about now they should start talking about the next storm.

But hey, it is a brand new year! 2014! And I have cleared my web server of all dead wood and am ready to get serious traffic to the remaining websites. Some very exciting WordPress deals are close on the horizon. And this will be the year to focus on your small business and your WordPress website.

I am going to give you a valuable tip to gain traffic to your website. Blogging is still the quickest and best way to gain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. Put up a post about the keyword phrases that you would like Google to bring you up for.

And here is the tip. Do NOT tell your competition about this tip. Let them find out after you have “stolen” all their business. The word is PODCAST. It can be audio or audio and video (think YouTube) and it is most often a question and answer session about one or more aspects of your business. I have been watching the podcasts of my fellow WordPress workers all last year. One podcast has almost FIVE MILLION views on YouTube. Folks, this is serious business. And it takes serious work. And a financial commitment as well. (you will need a decent microphone at least)

But this is what gets the buzz going about your business and traffic to your site. It puts the fear into me just like it does to you. But guess what? This is going to be a kick ass year and I will commit right here and now to producing a Podcast For CapeWP Blog. That way I will learn how to do it so I can teach you. And you will be truly amazed. I will do this within one month from this date. Get ready to rock.

Stay warm,