Green Plant

I saw the above plant…

on my walk tonight. What a beauty. I was also able to get back to the trail in Harwich off Bay Road due to the fact that the caterpillars are gone. I did not see a one. Hint: Go before 3 or 4 pm as the bugs will be overwhelming as it gets later in the day/evening.

Other than that I spent the work week exploring current and state of the art web technology for easily creating web pages. WordPress still holds its own. And sometimes there are better choices for specific cases. I have seriously pondered offering a “soup to nuts” website where you could purchase your domain and build your own website all without any input from me. It would be a fair amount of work and a financial outlay of some sort. Which is fine, as long as I make enough sales to support and profit from my endeavors. I will keep you informed of my plans 🙂

Because after all my extensive research, at the end of the day, there is no totally 100% painless to get a domain and get a website built and make it effective enough to serve its purpose. There is always, no matter what, a learning curve as well as some advantages and disadvantages no matter which technology or service is chosen.

Which is why CapeWP exists. To help you get through the often confusing forest of services for building your website. All claiming to be the best, the easiest and the cheapest. As we all know, that is absolutely impossible. Ah, marketing!

It seems to be a record setting season here on the Cape. I am just guessing as I go out as little as possible. But when I do, I see a whole lot of visitors. And all the local businesses I know seem to be doing an extreme amount of business.

Anyone going to see Dave Mason on Sunday? I’ll be there unless it is too loud. I simply cannot and will not do loud these days. Hearing the birds chirp is my favorite music.

But that venue up in Truro is something out of a dream. A wonderful thing to experience.

At this point I have one extra free ticket if you are looking for such a thing. It may get taken, may not. Contact me if you are interested.

I also hope to be at the Farmer’s Market in Orleans tomorrow. Always super fun.

Be your Summer.