I understand why everyone…

does not do podcasting. What a week! Learning what the pieces are, what they do, and how to put them together. Things often sound easy. It is the doing of those things that is sometimes not so easy.

That said, I am still alive and believe I have the pieces in place to put together next week’s (see how 30 days flies?) audio file. Look at the bottom of the post for the arrow to click. History will be made on Saturday, February 1, 2014.

On another note, I looked at a new email software called Em Client. thinking maybe I would replace Outlook with it. It was free, and looked pretty cool.

I forgot to factor in one thing. I love Outlook. I mean I really do. So about 5 minutes after installing and testing this new software, I deleted it from my computer, researched on Google how to find the leftover files and deleted those too.

Truth is, for a desktop software, nothing beats Outlook. Addresses, email, calendars, to do lists and notes.

Outlook, unlike Yahoo, Google, etc. allows me to have ALL of my data on my own computer. So if the cloud goes down, I do not miss a beat as all my data is safely on MY computer. And then it is, of course, backed up again as well.

This makes me feel secure. It must be an age thing as I was not much not security when I was young and wild.

They say the key to happiness is to want what you have, not have what you want. Outlook, you make me happy.

The latest version is 2013, and it is available from Microsoft and Staples. Many entrepreneurs I know use Outlook to manage their business. I honestly know of no other software that keeps important so close at hand.Be aware, like driving a Ferrari, there is a slight learning curve. It is well worth it.

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Get ready for NEXT Saturday, when CapeWP’s Blog gets up close and audio 🙂

Hang on to your headphones,