I was hesitant about attending…

this year’s WordCamp US. It is the biggest get together of WordPress lovers of the entire year. Around 2000 more or less people. At $40, for thousands of dollars worth of learning, millions of dollars in networking, and at least a trillion dollars worth of SWAG, it may be the best deal for anything on the planet.

Yet, travel is stressful for me and all the Amtrak and Hotel stuff is not cheap. So I was hesitant to attend this year. And then a game changer happened.

I was hanging out on Twitter and saw that the after party, (usually in a bar that is too loud) will take place here: https://2016.us.wordcamp.org/2016/10/21/wcus-after-party/

WordPress has rented the entire museum just for us for the night. Plenty of room to roam. Not too loud. Plus all the cool stuff to see.

It is precisely the type of out of the box thinking that makes WordPress so darn cool to begin with.

And so I must go. It will be epic.

I contacted the people who were approving my affiliate status and yelled at them nicely and they apologized and said it would happen by Monday next week. So next week you will see what software I recommend for security of Mac and Windows PC’s.

I am considering a complete tear down of my current website and creating from scratch for the new year. What are you considering doing to enhance your small business website?

I hope you are enjoying this amazing Indian Summer we are having.

Engage with life,