If you own a restaurant…

or you have a friend that does, this Blog Post is for you! You will want to forward it to your friend so they can click on the new ad at the right of this post. Restaurant owners’ prayers have been answered.

Just when I thought that WordPress could not be any more impressive, these two programmers get a hold of WP, find a niche in desperate need of fixing and then fix it in a truly elegant fashion. They have pretty much raised the bar for user interface design on the entire Internet. Their site is called Happy Tables. Please go there by clicking on the ad to right as I get a referral fee if you do. Thanks!

There is a very good chance that if you or a friend have a restaurant that the website (if there is one at all) is either broken, out-of-date, unable to look good on mobile devices, or any combination thereof. I know this because I look at many restaurant websites. No matter, now that getting a great-looking, fully-functional, up-to-modern-standards and able-to-take-orders-online-if-you-wish website is just a few clicks away.

How did these guys do it? By being brilliant. That included taking care of all the stuff that no business owner wants to spend time with (they want to spend their time on their business, NOT their website). So, when a page is added, it shows up on the navigation menu instead of not showing up until 5 further actions are taken. Using this approach, they have shaved away all the useless, boring parts of WordPress so that anyone can create their own website with about 1/5th of the previous learning curve. Pure genius at its best.

CapeWP.com is proudly affiliated with this cutting edge version of WordPress. If you like the idea, but do not even want to mess with it, CapeWP.com will be offering a fantastic deal on creating it for you, using Happy Tables technology.

If you or a friend owns a restaurant and have not taken advantage of Happy Tables website technology, I can say with certainty that you are leaving money on the (not happy) table unnecessarily.

Click the ad now to take a look for yourself.

I tip my digital hat to the programmers at Happy Tables. They deserve all the success they will most certainly attain. They have taken WordPress to a level that many have said could not be done.

Bring your website up to current standards for this coming Summer Season on the Cape! Just about every tourist we see will be searching on a mobile device for your service. Think about THAT for a minute… and let’s talk about it.

That’s a (veggie) wrap. 🙂


CEO CapeWP.com