If you want to have fun…





give Twitter a try. I know. It’s confusing, intimidating, hard to learn, scary and even more scary. And yet somehow hundreds of millions of human beings JUST LIKE YOURSELF, have managed to get an account setup and follow a few friends/businesses. Trying new things keeps us young.

Compared to eBay, Facebook, Paypal, Gmail… Twitter is really the easiest to setup. All you need is a username that you make up and a password (secure password please). You must use underscores, no spaces. So my Twitter username is Cape_Dave. Not a flash of brilliance, but it gets the job done.


Your job is to FOLLOW friends/business that you are interested in. Just about every website has a Twitter follow link. It really allows you to get dialed in to the business (great for LOCAL business) that you are interested in. Also it is great for following local fun stuff like the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. Never miss a cool event again.

Do not worry about Tweeting yourself. See what others are Tweeting. This will give you an actual feel for how Twitter works.

Facebook = Checkers

Twitter = Thinking Person’s Checkers

CapeWP.com’s first (and most likely only) Stock Tip: Soon you will see, that when Twitter has their stock IPO, it will be a much different story than the debacle that was the Facebook IPO. You heard it here first!

Yep, it really is August. And Breaking Bad really is starting back up. Haven’t seen it? You will want to start at the beginning and savor every episode.

But of course, remember to get outside in this beautiful weather.