In memoriam of David Bowie…

Credit for the amazing art: Eva Macalpi

This blog post is dedicated to the amazing life and art of David Bowie. Yes he, like me, appreciated cats. I guess either you were a fan or not. If you want to see the arc of his life, art and music career, here is a really great video to watch. From how he got the eye injury to his institutionalized older brother and of course the music, song writing, acting, art and theater, his was a truly unique tale of humanity. I saw him perform in concert a huge venue (stadium type – LA Forum) in 1976, and in 1977 in a very small venue (small old style movie theater in Harvard Square). Both shows were off the charts.

And so, David, I thank you for the music and good times, and the thread to hang onto in not so good times. By any standards imaginable, you had one hell of a run. Well played Mr Bowie, well played. I tip my hat deeply. My prayers to your friends and family.

And thanks for showing us that privacy is still possible in this over connected world. Not many saw this coming, certainly not me. Again, well played.

An honor and privilege and pleasure to have shared the planet with you for some time.

Rock on Ziggy Stardust, rock on.

For further reading, here is an inspired and brilliant piece of writing. I aspire to this level of my craft.