In the spirt of going to strange and new places,

Bowie style, last week’s blog post was created using the new interface for WordPress, fondly called Calypso. This was my first time not using the familiar control panel I have used for the last 5 years. Wow! Huge!

Actually, it was not that hard. I was familiar with all the terminology, just not the layout. But nevertheless, this represents big change on the WordPress front for many developers and users. I can see where this will be far easier and therefore more fun for new users.

There are many things that I will still need to do the old fashioned way, but I suspect that too will be changing. I feel like I have each foot on a different log as I flow downstream 🙂

I am toying with the idea of creating some beginner videos for the new Calypso interface. Stay tuned.

I wish I could say my video membership was done. It is not. I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to try a competing plugin which took all the time I had last week. And then I decided to try yet another, because it blended with the most popular ecommerce plugin called WooCommerce. I enjoy working with WooCommerce as it is the devil that I and everyone else knows. And therefore will allow me to create higher value websites for my clients by leveraging my existing knowledge and experience. Then I decided to use the original one. Yup. Ouch.

The other really great thing is that WordPress gives us a free app to put on your desktop, Windows, Mac, or Linux. All will look and operate EXACTLY the same. And the same as the online version as well. Yes, works great on the iPhone as well. However, due to space restrictions, it will not look exactly the same. It will be a more condensed layout with the same features and options though.

You may have noticed that I did not yet reveal the biggest and best tip for learning from videos on your computer. Sit down, strap in, here it comes…

Get a second monitor (if you do not have one yet) and place the video on that monitor and do your follow along work on your main monitor. It is like having your own personal non-judgmental teacher in a box. Learn at your own pace, and over any length of time. Job interview? Do a quick video brush up so you can show your potential employer that you are competent with WordPress.

You will find this is much easier to see and manage than having two open windows squeezed in on your single monitor.

I give myself the gift of one more week to work on my Video Membership site.

Newsflash: I made some good progress on the video membership site at Still many details to go, but the basic structure is in place. I am hoping for a blast of productivity tomorrow night so you will have more to see. The videos are up and operative. You will need to sign up for the free trial. Super quick and easy. No credit card required.

Stay safe in the snow. Great time to start a hobby with WordPress 🙂