Is CapeWP the perfect web host?

CapeWP uptime - Perfect web host

Well, there is no doubt about the answer for this month! 100% uptime for a full year is impossible. But for a month, as you can see, perfection is quite possible. I enjoy having 100% as a goal but the reality is more like 99.99%. Which ain’t too bad either. This information is readily available on my web site here.

But after the above numbers, what else makes for a great web host? Lots of things. First, the server is not overloaded. Quite the opposite. Imagine a finely tuned Porsche driving around town. Zippy, fast, nimble with PLENTY of spare power in case one needs to get from Orleans to Hyannis in 5 minutes. That would be the server my clients and I use. Not some cheap “deal of the day” reseller account crammed with websites. That would be more like being stuck behind a school bus. Yeah, you’ll get there. But when? Oh yeah, it happens to be a Dell server. I like this because being in the hosting business, I know that Dell has a stellar reputation for quality servers. This is not the Dell under your desk.¬† Unless you happen to have a server class Dell. Which come to think of it, a number of businesses do. CapeWP has been recommending business class Dell desktops and servers for many years.

Unlike many hosts that allow unlimited email accounts on the same server as where the web site is hosted, CapeWP allows NO email accounts. I refer email traffic to the good folks at Rackspace. They have the best email in the business. Better than Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. And NO ADS ever. All email all the time. You may have heard me refer to this as Business Class email. And there is a method to my madness here. Not only does this lesson the load on our server, but it ups the security and keeps the server from ever being blacklisted in case spammers would break into a client’s email account.

It makes my job easier and your website faster and more secure. Win Win Win.

What else? Well, the software that runs the server is not some new kid on the block, but is a true standard version of Linux called CENTOS that has been used for decades in the hosting business. No trying to reinvent the wheel here. It works. And if it breaks, there are MANY who can fix it. Fast. Same is true for the control panel used. CPanel. Some of the most reliable and robust software in the industry. In the web hosting business, what works has it all over something new that may seem to work better.

And then there is backup. I backup your web site to my computer every time I make any changes. Then the entire server is backed up twice to two different locations. Amazon being one of them.

Yes, all this quality and attention does cost me a bit more. I believe that the value it allows me to offer my web hosting clients is unmatchable in the industry. Does anyone else you know have their web site hosted on a server with a Solid State Drive? I thought not. And THAT is what I mean when I say that CapeWP is the smallest yet fiercest web host in the business.

No host can guarantee web hosting perfection. But I can guarantee fierce pursuit of same. And if there ever is an issue, you know who to call or email. Anytime day or night.

On a different track, two notes of import. First, I believe that the client I mentioned last week, Judi, may be that rarest of folks… a natural blogger. Her intuitive use of photos to enhance her blog posts (with only the gentlest of nudge from me) is a an easy clue. As is the quality of her writing. Judi, I tip my digital hat to you. I commit to more graphics with my own posts. Hence the one with this post.

Secondly, although I do not formally have the job yet, a new and exciting web site may be coming soon. Hint: If you have any trucks or boats or vehicles of ANY type, you will want to pay seriously close attention to this blog in the very near future.

Bottom line, if you have a small business here on the Lower Cape and want a WordPress website to enhance that business, you are in the right place.

CapeWP is also proud to announce our affiliation with WP Apprentice. See the add on the lower right of this page. WordPress tutorials of extremely high quality.

And there will be more exciting new features and benefits to come.