Is Gmail for you?

mic stand

You can see the new mic stand and the little tiny old one. Quite a difference 🙂

This week’s podcast goes into my Gmail adventures a bit. I have much respect for Gmail. And I recommend it to clients and friends if they ask. But it simply is not for me.

The three players out there for your eyeball attentions are Google, Microsoft and Apple. A formidable trio by any standards. Each gives excellent value. Each is reliable. Each is in for the long haul.

Of the three (notice Yahoo and AOL do not make the grade) I myself lean towards Gmail.

However, I am truly glad that another player is in the game. I have been using their email service for almost a decade. And have recommended and setup many clients with it. And believe me, as a one person shop, I cannot afford to use or recommend a service that is any less than top tier first class. Like you, I need email to work. I sold my soul to email long ago and have never regretted it 🙂 Twitter this, Facebook that, email was my first true love and still is. Rackspace does not complicate their email by trying to get you to sign up with every service they offer. They are not in the business of serving ads. They are in the business of providing services.

I took a good hard look at Google’s current iteration of Gmail. There was lots to like. And a few things not to like. All in all, for me, Rackspace wins by  a length. If it were not for the fact that tech keeps on changing, I would never even bother to look elsewhere for my email provider. But since it does, I owe it to myself and clients to know what is out there.

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Have a great weekend! Podcast below. Dave