Is your website mobile friendly?



Does it need to be? Chances are, if you have a local business that relies on customers visiting your store, whether it be an art gallery or a canoe lesson business, the answer is a resounding yes! Because guess what? People are not searching for you on their desktop computer. They are using their iPhone or iPad or similar mobile device. It is a new day. A new time. A new game.

When you hear the word “responsive” with regards to WordPress websites, it means that your website adapts to the size screen it is being shown on. To make it easier to navigate the site and access the content.

For an example, look at on your iPhone. You will see a new layout to adapt to the smaller screen.

The other way to be “mobile friendly” is to have a completely separate site that presents itself only when being accessed from a mobile device. There is a whole lotta hoopla in the tech circles about the various pros and cons of each, but the end result is the same. A “friendly” website for your visitors.

A potential customer is not usually going to read your BIO on their iPhone. Nor look at all the nice photos in your portfolio. Chances are they want one of three things. And they want them NOW.

What are your hours?

Where are you located?

How can I contact you?

If by chance you have an older WordPress website that does not have “responsiveness” built-in, do not worry. The second method of a separate website for mobile can work very well for you. And we can explore other options as well. Most recent (within a year or even two) WordPress themes are already responsive.

One thing for sure here on Cape Cod. Those with mobile friendly websites are going to get more business than those that do not. And have happier customers because you gave them what they wanted.

Be the Mobile Friendly Outlaw this season.