It is not like the writing was not on the wall…

Google will now consider whether your website is mobile friendly when calculating your ranking position. So if your website is not “responsive” then you lose. But really, this has been true for over a year, more like 2 or 3. Any website done within that rough time frame by me has been “responsive” (which is a way of saying Looks Good on the iPhone). Because so many folks search when they are out and about, Google wants to make sure the results it brings up are satisfactory to the user. So if your site looks all jammed up with micro sized text and in unnavigable, then that will make the searcher unhappy, therefore not make the user happy and also make the website owner unhappy.

Because Google makes it’s absurd amount of money by… yup… making you happy. And they have been doing a great job. Their only goal is to provide the very best results possible when you search for something.

In the past year or so, Google has offered us some of the inside scoop on how to score well.

1. Make your site secure. Get that SSL certificate so visitors will feel comfortable. Google feels that if your site is SSL encrypted that you are paying attention and would therefore be a good website to bring up high in the search results. Simplified, but nonetheless true.

2. Make your site mobile friendly, commonly phrased as “responsive”. Folks, this is huge. Any newer WordPress site is inherently responsive. But that was not true 3 years ago. If your site is not yet responsive, you need a new site. Plain and simple.

3. Make your site FAST! No bloated images allowed. No extra javascript. No poor code. Google knows that your visitors have no patience and want what they want. And they want if fast! Really fast!

Thanks for the tips, Google! We appreciate them. And the amazing thing is, not only will sites that adhere to these guidelines come up higher in Google, but your visitors will be happy and therefore more likely to CONVERT to a customer!

Everyone wins!

There is a more subtle point also being made here. If your competition’s site is outshining and out converting yours, it is likely because they are paying constant and consistent ATTENTION to their site. The Internet is a constantly moving target. Attention in the form of time, money or both.

If you have the money but not the time, feel free to contact me. This is what I do. And have been doing for YEARS.

If you have the time but not the money, then start Googling WordPress, current website design, SEO, content marketing, Podcasting and start putting what you learn to use. Google truly knows all. And is more than willing to give it up. As long as you put in the TIME, that most precious of all commodities.

The thing is, in the beginning the Internet sort of promised us a rose garden. Get a website and get rich instantly and with no work whatsoever.

The polish has worn off, and it turns out the Internet is just another way to get rich, if you work extremely hard and smart.

The biggest difference is that you can do that work from anywhere at anytime. THAT is a huge benefit that is changing the world. I write this blog post from home at 11:22pm. No commute. No time clock to punch.


Rock on, Dave