It is that time of year…


when major tech companies make big announcements about their newest products. So they can sell into the upcoming Holiday Season. In other words, my favorite time of year.

There were some big surprises this week. And not from Apple. Pretty much everyone on the planet knew that Apple was announcing a new version of their excellent laptop. And that they did. But there were no real surprises and no announcement about any other type of Mac computer. Which many people were hoping for. Many of those are flocking to Windows 10 because of this lack of new desktop computers

Yup, the siren song of lower prices and more computing power, coupled with the very capable Windows operating system has overcome the passionate love for all that is Mac. Not for all, but for a substantial amount of very enthusiastic hard core Mac users.

Apple, you had better watch your step. People will not wait forever for what they want.

The biggest surprise came from Microsoft in the form of Surface Studio. I cannot do it justice here, you gotta watch the video. This is the type of out of the box thinking that used to be Apple’s strong point.

Everything old is new again. And the really suspicious part is that all this Windows 10 love happens almost immediately after I change back to Windows after a 3 plus year hiatus. LOL!

It is already well known that people follow me around to see where I eat lunch because I always know the good places.

As promised, you can now click the banners to get the newest security protection for your Mac or Windows computer.

I use Webroot and really appreciate the way it works. It is fast. Make no mistake that YOU are still the best protection for your computer. Know here and now that you have never ever been “selected” or “chosen” to receive free anything no matter whether it says it is from Amazon, eBay or God herself. Those are ALL gotcha links. Never click, never have a problem 🙂

Go Chicago!

That’s a wrap, the weekend is here. Engage.