Which WordPress for you

It just so happened…

That last week, about a few hours after my blog post was sent, I stumbled across an article on the same topic. Basically, What are the two types of WordPress and which is for you. Here is a link to that article. It is the best I have seen on the subject. As a refresher, the two types of WordPress are referred to as .com and .org. Again, I, you and everyone else realize that these are not the best names ever devised. Still, it is what we have at this time 🙂

Here is a little bit about why you may want to hire someone such as myself to build your website with the .org version of WordPress rather than the free .com version.

This is mainly because at the end of the day, your website has a purpose. The style of website I usually work with is referred to as a Brochure Style or Lead Generation website. And the purpose is the lead your visitor to take your desired action. Maybe a phone call, maybe an email, or maybe fill out a form. Basically giving you the opportunity to close a sale for your business. Which, even though it may not be a fancy ecommerce website or one with high functionality like selling online courses, is still mighty important to local small businesses. You might even say critical.

A WordPress professional knows things about onsite SEO. Or, how to make your website Google friendly. Things like the difference between a H1 tag and an H2 tag. Like how to name your photo files. How to use your keyword phrases properly. How to avoid things that Google will penalize you for.

Another thing is that the free .com version of WordPress does not allow you to use some of the most exciting state of the art plugins that are changing the entire WordPress experience regarding page design. These plugins make doing most things much easier.

If you want to add ecommerce to your website, you are, at this time, out of luck. (we think that may change, but have no idea when) Whereas state of the art ecommerce can easily be added to the .org version of WordPress. (refresher: With .com, the owners of WordPress are in charge. With .org, YOU are in charge!)

You also get full freedom regarding where you host your website when you use a professional such as CapeWP. As you may have guessed, I strongly recommend hosting with CapeWP because, simply put, they are the best host on planet earth.

A professional website builder will guide your site regarding consistency of design and clarity of your “call to action”.

As well as a myriad of other details that only someone who works daily with WordPress would know. Logo size, how to manage and optimize site speed. How to choose a quality plugin. How to add an SSL certificate for security. And so on and so forth. You get the idea.

And lastly is the level of freedom you have regarding functionality you add to your website in the future. You have access to somewhere over 30,500 plugins to help you add just what you need to your website. Have clients sign up for a time slot? No problem. Sell online photography? No problem. Again, you get the idea.

At the end of the day, you make the decision. Free, or pay a professional. And whichever you choose, you are not locked in to that choice. Unless, you have an ecommerce website that is making $5k per week. In that case, you would neither be able nor want to go to the free version.

Enjoy and engage.