It is my job to go down rabbit holes…

so I can see what is down there and report back to you, my valued reader/client, what is down there and would it benefit you and your web presence.

About six months ago I spend the better part of a three day weekend testing Gmail and Outlook Mail (Microsoft’s online email). I messed with the beasts, breaking my own email in the process, all for the sake of making sure that when I offered you, the client, my special “Business Class Email” that I was offering you the absolute best solution out there.

Turns out, in that case, that my offering was truly the best. But still, it is sound practice to look around every so often.

This last week, I went down a slightly different rabbit hole thinking I would change my entire online accounting and technology to bring you, the client, a snazzier web portal upon which to base your domain purchases, as well as offer automatic hosting setup, as well as a new (non-WordPress) technology for making websites. Total time, well over a week, maybe two. Total investment well under $50. (thankfully)

And after all that, I decided that it was simply not necessary and would not clearly benefit you, the client. Sure, it would be all fancy but would it be easy? That is the more important question. Because if there is one thing I have learned about you in my 25 years in the tech field is that you are just like me. You like things EASY. Really easy. And you like things to work. Just work. Because you are busy running your business, and one more password to remember is just not high on your list of needs.

My strength over the decades has been to be a one stop shop. And handle all the details for you. Hosting, website design, domain names all handled by me.

So I decided to drop all that stuff and get back to basics like never before. Why fix it if it is not broken? In that spirit I have refreshed my own site to reflect my strengths. Blogging and WordPress websites. With, of course, the best managed WordPress hosting on the East Coast.

And yet I feel quite good about the rabbit hole and eventual backing out of it because it could have gone the other way. It could have revealed something that would have been great to offer my busy clients. Sometimes that is the case, sometimes not.

Next week will be about the different roles a website can play. And how most sites that I build do not need lots of traffic (I know, sounds crazy, right?) They do, however, all need conversions. That is the key. I will divide them into three categories. Static, Blogger, and eCommerce.

Enjoy your weekend.