Kindness, Gratefulness and Mindfulness.

The above are my goals for 2018. The photo is from the lone Christmas party I attended this evening. It was in a foreign country. Mashpee. They seem to do Christmas much like us here in Harwich. Homemade gingerbread houses are the best 🙂

There was a motley crew there for sure. Some visitors, some Cape residents. All good people. There were some people there with some very intriguing jobs. Golf Pro (some serious stories there). Salvation Army leader in Manhattan. Special needs teacher, airplane maintenance man (in school). And some others I am not sure I can talk about. Let’s just say law enforcement and leave it at that 🙂

Three people there ate roasted chestnuts for the first time. I was one of those. Insert bucket list checkbox here.

Out of a crowd of say twenty, turns out 2 folks grew up down the street from each other way down in Florida.

All in all, quite an enjoyable time. And one really great part was that the hostess knew I usually like to leave early. And I was not  even the first to leave. She even made arrangement so that I could arrive early when there were only a few people.

Quite the opposite of say 1986, where I likely attended 15-20 Christmas parties and was rarely the first to leave, unless it was for another party. So much easier the 2017 way.

I was drinking water, and even made sure I did not drink too much of that because I did not want to have to stop on the way home.

And so goes another year. I started my focused practice of the above three ways of being in 2017. And want to grow them all in 2018.

This New Year’s eve I’ll be packing for a trip to Beantown for prayerfully minor surgery. My mindfulness book says that is a part of life and rather than fight it and try to make it something else, I should just accept and be with it. As even icky surgery is a part of life. And life is to be savored, not ignored. OK, that is my plan.

I’ll likely do a bigger post on this next week, but for now, if you need any home related service from snow shoveling to designing a new kitchen, head on over to HomeWatch Companies and check out their services. Local. Right in Brewster. Generally speaking, they service the Lower Cape. One really cool thing they do is monitor the temperature of your house while you are away for the Winter. No one likes frozen pipes. You can imagine they are pretty busy with these cold temps! So check them out and get signed up, especially if you are a snowbird/second home owner!

Thanks for a great party, Judi! Leland and Laura, you rule! Roz, Mark and Mark, coffee anytime and it’s on me.