Lately I have had the distinct pleasure of…

working with some clients and businesses long enough that the original owners sell the business to the next person. One company I am sure you faithful readers know is Carved Home Signs. After working with the previous (original) owner and creator back around the year 2003 or so to develop the initial website, I hosted and did consulting work for Joe Rees and Dick Clark for over 13 years. The website is still operative, albeit in need of a design refresh (using WordPress of course) and you can get your sign at  I assisted to make the transition as smooth as possible. Congratulations to Stephen O’Brien on your new business!

And the other website that comes to mind is the one and only, the original Cape Cod Beach Yoga website, I had done a few websites over the previous two plus decades for Valerie Mowbray and this one ended up being top rated on Google for most of its existence. The new owner, Jennifra Norton, funnily enough, was also a client of mine for various projects over the years. I hope to enjoy working with Jennifra over the next 20 or so years to help make her new website and business the best it can be. Congratulations Jennifra on your new business!

One common thing both of these websites enjoyed was excellent placement in Google over the years. I take some credit, but give most of it to the creators of these businesses, their gentle spirits and really hard work. Google really does work incredibly well for local businesses.

And so Joe, Dick, Valerie, Jennifra and Steve, I truly appreciate working with you and consider it five of the high points of my career. Thank you all. It is an honor to know you.

The photo is of my new trail I have found after living here for a very long time. I am now exploring this and many trails around Cape Cod.

Websites, cats, nature. And you. That is all I need 🙂