Lately my habit is…

to use a featured photo that I took myself during the past week for my blog posts. This really gets the creative juices flowing and also helps to make this website all mine. No “borrowed” photos from other websites. 100% original content.

Part of my job is to know the hosting market. So that I know if there is a better, faster or cheaper way to build a website for you. And although WordPress is almost infinitely flexible and scalable and powerful, there are those times when it is not the best tool for the job.

And to make this arena more intriguing, the competition is truly fierce and changes upon the proverbial dime. So what was true yesterday may not be as true tomorrow.

Two excellent choices are Shopify and Weebly. Both for when WordPress would be overkill technically or financially. Shopify is great for getting up an “all in one” type of ecommerce store to test your product. This can be done for a few dollars per month.

Weebly for when the website you need will (almost) never change. This eliminates the need for a database driven site. This can be very fast and secure, but not nearly as flexible and powerful as WordPress. And yet can still be the best way for you, at a given point in time.

I am researching a way to bring you Weebly with from my own hosting site. This way, I would host the site that you (or I) built with Weebly on my server. I personally thinking Weebly’s designer software is as good as it gets. This is for a website that will not change much. Hosting can be cheaper as there is less overhead with security and updates.

So have no fears, I am always on the lookout for you. Hosting and website design are my life.

Blog on.