Providence WordCamp

Lately I have been using Twitter alot…

Providence WordCampand chatting with some very interesting people. None other than Ron Howard and also the woman who is in charge of ALL the WordCamps around the world. There must be well over 100 WordCamps in any given year. Some bigger than others. But all must adhere to the WordPress quality/legal/philosophical standards, which requires a truly awe inspiring amount of work.

The WordCamp in Providence was a bit smaller than Boston or New York. But just as jam packed with great people who love WordPress as much as I do and the usual amazing amount of knowledge to be had.

And the food! Ah, the food. Both lunch and the after party food were world class. And, WordPress being the huge proponent of community that it is, we got to take the leftover food to a local soup kitchen. And there was plenty left over to share with them.

And so Twitter, which many do not use due to fear, is really one of the most exciting ways to interact with people. I end up following some people that are quite famous (I do not set out to do this, it seems to happen naturally) so when Ron Howard responded directly to one of my Tweets, it pretty much made my week. He is what I would correctly call… Iconic. Opie. Apollo 13. Etc.

Patty Duke is the latest person I follow. As well as an entire range of fellow WordPress people.

I invite all my faithful & fantastic readers to join Twitter and follow some people and local businesses. You might really like it. And if you do not enjoy someone you have followed, simply unfollow them.

I am looking for my next web site project. I have a few ideas, and if you think you might be interested, you know how to contact me 🙂 Hint: MY corner of the web is which is, as a main website should be, my cornerstone of all my interactions with the Internet.

The photo in this post was taken at the seminar called “Neuroscience of ecommerce conversions”. You KNOW that was interesting. I am going to use that info to sell a million cat scoopers.

The best thing about Providence, besides the WordCamp, was that it is so close to home that I skipped my second night at the hotel and drove right home to my own bed. Ah, what a luxury that was. The darn heating system in the hotel was like a tornado. And no settings on the thermostat worked. No matter what I put the settings on, it continued to do what it wanted to do, which, was, stay on! There was no traffic whatsoever! Yes!

Enjoy your weekend.