Learning by Podcast…



My definition of a podcast is a video (or sometimes audio) presentation of something I am interested in (passionate about) presented by someone who has a level of expertise and passion in that field. The Internet is not just for shopping and Facebook. I believe the best part of the Internet is the learning part. A teacher available anytime anywhere to teach me precisely what I want to learn. No more, no less, and no grades. Also no judgement and learn at your own pace. What could be better than that?

Sure, I watch mostly WordPress podcasts. And just when I thought I had seen them all, a whole new round bursts up0on the scene. I am also sure that with a minimum of Googling and/or YouTubing you could find a podcast on gardening or watercolor art. Or pretty much anything you may be interested in.

Some WordPress podcasts I frequent are:

The WP Watercooler: www.wpwatercooler.com

Wordsesh – A 24 hour marathon festival of all things WordPress. Best found by searching YouTube for Wordsesh. Watch Sara Cannon’s presentation to find out how to “Be the Unicorn“. A good life lesson as well as WordPress lesson.

And The Dradcast – www.dradcast.com

Enough about me. Find some podcasts and enjoy one of the truly life changing benefits the Internet has to offer.

Hint: Putting up a video about YOUR business on your website is a great way to engage your customers. And helps with SEO too.

Here is a link to a great Kim Komando video about Spring cleaning for your computer. I have actually seen computers with the amount of dust shown in the beginning. Which is pretty much why I no longer offer that service myself 🙂 Computer Spring cleaning – Komando style

And finally a shout out to one of my favorite bloggers who, by the grace of God, also happens to also be hosted on and coached by… yep… Cape Cod’s favorite web host… CapeWP.com; Now presenting Judi Taylor. Her latest post will warm your heart. This one has big talent!

And thanks for being a reader! No way do I have the biggest list (yet), but I do have the BEST list!


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