Let’s relax and celebrate…

THREE YEARS of continuous Blog Posts by CapeWP.com! Yes, I know it is hard to believe. I was rooting around in Constant Contact and decided to check some data and to my surprise I saw about 150 previous email blasts. Which is (a few have been added since then) within a small margin of error of three years of emails!

You, dedicated reader, are the cream of the crop for hanging around for such a length of time! Thank you. I realize that I am not the world’s best writer. But I am consistent, and I do make every effort to improve over time.

My first interface with tech was roughly 1990. And each night, as I see how much tech has changed, and how many new possibilities there are, I still get quite a thrill! Change is the only constant with tech. I remember when you could have a green screen. Or an orange screen. But not both together. And when the Mac really was different than Dos/Windows. (today the two are almost click for click the same, at least on the interface level.)

I will work hard to make this next year as good as it can be. Hopefully as good as this Fall weather we have been getting! Nature’s way of saying sorry for such a humid Summer.

So let’s relax and celebrate together. Thanks for being around. By the way, another thing I noticed when snooping around Constant Contact is that the people on this list are a truly wonderful and eclectic bunch. A real cool chunk of humanity. Nicely played readers, nicely played.

Razor Sharp Tip:

Increase your enjoyment of your computer while giving your eyes a rest. Root around on your monitor and find the buttons that change the Brightness and Contrast. Each monitor is a little different, and you will need to think a bit, but it will be worth it. My guess is that your monitor is on your factory settings of 50% Brightness. You will be amazed at what 95% Brightness will do for you. Crank it up. More power Scotty! A huge improvement for ZERO cost.