Let’s talk about your website…

How is your website holding up? If you have not changed your website in years, does your business really need a website? Is the form on your website sending responses to the correct person/employee? Or is it sending to someone that left the company months ago? No detail is unimportant.

Here at CapeWP I am 100% focused of keeping your website coming up fast and reliably. No second rate servers or outdated software here. All Solid State Drives for speed. If there ever is an issue of any type, I stop whatever I am doing and do not rest until that issue is solved. Because WordPress website hosting is what I do.

If you have a WordPress website and would like to experience the full potential of your website please contact me. I can get it moved over to my server quickly. You will sleep soundly knowing your website is up.

If you would like your website to do more, let’s talk. We can add features and functionality. We can do a full redesign or a partial refresh. How about eCommerce? PayPal? Credit cards? Yes, CapeWP can help.

Keep an eye on this very site. As much as I like (OK, love) it, I am thinking a refresh might be coming soon 🙂

In the meantime, more immediately, it is that weekend that starts the season off for Cape Cod 2016. Traffic, full restaurants, bad drivers, bicycles, motorcycles and more. Be kind and careful out there.

Happy and safe 4th of July to all human beings everywhere. But especially Cape Codders and even more especially you, my faithful readers, and all your friends and family. Remember, pets like fireworks about as much as I do. And I hate them. Read more in my forthcoming book, “How to be a Successful Curmudgeon”.

Rock on,