Like I mentioned, it is all about ecommerce…

and this week I dove deep into the initial setup of an eCommerce website. In this case, a WordPress and WooCommerce website. More specifically, this exact website you are on. My own. Decades of experience have taught me that it is always better to experiment on my own website, verses a client’s website. Yup, that is a real good lesson to know. Trust me on that 🙂

When setting up an eCommerce website initially, it is very important to get setup to receive payments by credit card as quickly and easily as possible. And let’s not forget PayPal.

Last week I was very enamored with Square. Such elegant simplicity is hard to ignore. Especially for a brick and mortar store. But I have online only, and the plugin for WooCommerce and Square was $79. So I looked around and found Braintree by PayPal. Hmmm. This is a credit card processing system that also allows for PayPal payments. And the checkout process is very simple (super important) and the PCI security is all taken care of by them. All that government compliance stuff. Believe me, you do not want to do that yourself. And the cost was free. Well, the plugin was free, but they, like all the others, certainly take their percentage out of each sale. The cost of doing business online.

I also moved around some of my own sites to different servers during the week, and so between that, getting SSL setup and getting signed up with Braintree, well, that pretty much took up the week. The really great news is I like it. And it works for me. And that means it would work well for the type of client websites that I do. I am putting a nice big “W” in the Win column.

This coming week I will focus on optimizing my online offerings, with the goal being to generate income from Something of value for everyone.

I will also be setting up Happy’s eCommerce website with Braintree. More experience is a good thing. Once that is setup, the competition will begin. Who will get more sales? Stay tuned for an exciting horse race.

On other very exciting news, I have invested in technology that will send out meaningful reports about your website, assuming that website is hosted by CapeWP. This will let you know what I am doing behind the scenes to keep your site up, available and operating at peak efficiency. Do not worry, you will not be overwhelmed by emails. 1 or 2 per month, I have not decided yet.

I am enjoying the cooler nights and hope you are too.

Rock on,


The Cape Cod Curmudgeon report: All my neighbors suck. None of them get it about noise pollution. I am creating a special 10th circle of Hell for them. (maybe tons of leaves, hundred’s of leaf blowers, but no gasoline or electricity) It is not going to be the revolt of the robots that kill us. It will be the lawnmower/leaf blowers that do us in long before.