Windows 95 launch party

What a long strange trip it’s been…

If you look closely, you can see me in the photo. Not really, but I could have been. Because that fateful night when Windows 95 was launched, I drove to Egghead Software in Weymouth (where I was friends with my former manager) from Truro Cape Cod.

I was like a kid in the candy shop! So much excitement. It was a midnight madness sale. Started at Midnight. Yup, I was a young man back then. I got back to Truro around 4am. I still remember how tired I was. That was a long drive.

And then I spent some serious time learning how it worked. It was much more visual than Windows 3.1, and that is what I liked. The other thing that was just starting to happen back then was a little thing we call The Internet. Not as we know it today. The one where Yahoo! was the best search engine. Alta Vista too. Netscape was the only browser. Microsoft had not yet seen the light. This may explain why I use Firefox today. Firefox was created from Netscape. And this was still years before Amazon, and even then they sold books only. Yikes!

I have used most versions of Windows since then. 98, 98se, XP, Vista (not for long), 7, 8-8.1 (not for long, went back to 7), and then the big one. 10. Which is the very best so far. The new interface of Windows 95 is still basically the interface of 10. Visual.

Also back in 95 is when I started my computer support business. Windows 95 and Outlook Express and Internet Explorer were the software we all used.

It feels sometimes like we were just beamed into the current status of the Internet. It is by far the most exciting thing I have ever seen in my life. Keep in mind, I saw the 60’s 🙂

Now it is MacOS or Windows 10. And do not kid yourself, Linux is also a force to be reckoned with (mostly for techie types, but many grandmothers around the world are using Linux to email and surf. And yes, a techie type had to set it up for her, but ongoing there are much fewer issues with malware, etc.)

Browsers are Firefox, Edge, Safari (although that could be argued) and Chrome. And there is almost nothing that cannot be done online better and faster than it used to be. Bill paying, stocks, ordering literally ANYTHING, tax payments and so forth. The point here is that everything pretty much just works, and works extremely well, all things considered.

And many, if not most, of us still use not just a lone desktop computer, but also a smart phone and a laptop. This is, simply, a technological age.

And most of it happens not on our devices but in “the cloud”. Welcome to The Cloud.

This post is really just a nod to the incredible growth and development of technology that influences our lives in ways we know and probably some that we do not know. I tip my hat to those who have invented and created this Wild Wild Web. Among other things, it has created the perfect job for me (and many like me). Which did not exist before the web. I am truly grateful for that.

What part of The Internet are you grateful for?

I close with a quote from another song from the 60’s:

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”