Mac OSX or Windows?

Does anyone really care anymore? Time was, not that long ago, when this subject was like Sex and Politics, not safe to discuss at the dinner table.

Not that long ago, I stopped into the local Apple store and saw about half my [windows] clients. They used to call me for assistance once in awhile when they had Windows. But the guy at the Apple store seemed happy to help for free. Cannot argue with free. And this also caused me to start thinking about a different direction for my business.

Me, I used to be hard on the side of Windows. Mainly because that is what I learned on and small businesses did not want to spend the big $$$ for Macs. At one point, they were kind of over priced turkeys that did not play well with the rest of the computing world. A classic “Walled Garden” if you will.

The Teutonic shift that took place was when Steve Jobs decided to use Intel CPU’s in ALL Macs. And this was also right around the time that the current design trend was implemented, the sharp one piece aluminum look on laptops especially. This was when I myself started getting interested. One big reason was because it meant that any Mac could also run Windows.

Macs had a reputation for never breaking and being so easy to use that any user, no matter how much a beginner, could use one out of the box with no help. But the really big thing that people liked was also the most accurate and that was the fact that they did not get malware/virus. There is a whole lot of truth in that, and yet Apple sells a few Anti Virus software packages right in their stores. Never say never, I guess.

Note to Mac users: Comcast gives you that (Norton) software for free, for both Mac and Windows. At that price, I was a buyer!

I got to the Mac a little differently. I wanted a small, silent, powerful that did not overshadow my desk. And I looked exhaustively for about a year. The Mac mini consistently showed up as the closest to what I wanted. And it could run Windows. That meant I could continue as I always had. I never intended to even really explore the Mac OSX operating system itself. But one night I got bored. After a slight learning curve, I saw that functionally, things were VERY much alike.

And my 20 or so years experience with computers in general certainly helped me. I never had an issue with malware in Windows. I was pretty careful, as I did actually have ONE issue where I gave all my clientsย  virus. OUCH! Double ouch! Lesson learned.

The transition for me was not hard. But now I work 99% in Mac OSX. I use the same software as I did in Windows, and as long as I am on the Internet, I can do my WordPress website work.

The Mac mini has worked out very well for me. I love it. But it is getting a bit long in the tooth tech wise. And although long ago I gave up any desire to have the best or fastest computer, I do like to be using the most current tech I can. So, although the new Mac that costs over $3,000 is no way for me, I would like an update to the $700 Mac mini. And there are millions like me who are hard core Mac mini fans who feel precisely the same way.

Whether Apple decides to upgrade the mini, or discontinue the mini is a big issue. Because there is really no other Apple computer that I like. Things could get real interesting real fast ๐Ÿ™‚ And I am by no means the only person who would consider switching to Windows if this be the case. (I hope it would be Windows 9, but that is another blog post)

The point to take away here is that if it is time for you to upgrade your computer, you may want to consider one of the Apple computers. Life is short. You may find that you enjoy it. Many local businesses are considering a move to Apple for various reasons.

Here is a link for 10 reasons why Mac is better. I tend to agree with most of them currently.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer and remembering to get outside as much as possible. Nature balances out Tech ๐Ÿ™‚

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Is it time to examine your WordPress website to see what current/new technology could benefit your business? Many times a website can benefit from a partial makeover, similar to adding a room as opposed to building a whole new house.

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