Major changes to eBay and WordPress, wow!

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Many who have known me know I have always been a big fan of eBay. I do not think I would even be alive without them. Because the last I checked, I had sold a total of about $44,605 dollars worth of stuff on eBay. Over 12-15 years or so.

Just today, I placed an item up for sale. I had purchased it accidentally. I put in a bid just for fun and I got the item for even less than the bid. OK, well, now what?

Easy. Since I did not really want the item, I am going to relist and see if I can use my eBay skills to sell it for more money. I had not listed anything for awhile, but over the years have certainly seen eBay make it easier to sell something online than to make breakfast. Here is what inspired me to write this post.

I noticed a new option to either upload photos from my computer as usual or right from my iPhone. Hmmm, I had to try it, especially as I had no photos and would take them with the phone. So I snapped a few photos, clicked Upload from Camera Phone from the eBay app I had on my phone. Then it said I had to login which is where I usually give up as I have a password like BU%*T#EBDIxcy78yebvwkiyf that I certainly cannot remember.  But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an option to have eBay send me a TEMPORARY password to login from my phone. Wow. Cool. Because this meant I would be able to bypass having to actually change my password and well know know what a butt pain that is! In 30 seconds, eBay sent me an easy temporary password by text. I typed it in (only 6 characters) and in 15 more seconds, I had uploaded 7 photos. No fuss, no muss.

And here is the listing.

And here are some great tips from Apple for taking good photos with your iPhone.

I hope I get a buy it now! I am selling this internationally as there is a worldwide market for this little piece of history. It was new in 1967 and has not been opened. For now, I am going to do a binge listing of stuff I have no use for as I could use a little cash jingle 🙂

EBay is the singular best way to recycle items and pick up some money for you in the process.

Seriously, if you have not tried eBay, you really owe it to yourself to have at it. Easy, fun and profitable.

OK, on to WordPress. For 12 years we WordPressers have practically had to learn code just to put some formatted text or an image into the sidebar. It really was quite convoluted. Now, it is as easy as it should have been all along. Or it will be as soon as version 4.8 comes alive in early June. Anyone who has struggled with this in the past is in for quite a treat. Sometimes it is the simple changes that have the most value.

I attended another excellent WordPress Meetup in New Bedford this week. One of the most fascinating things about WordPress, the WordPress ecosystem and WordPress community is watching the success people have with the business of developing software plugins for WordPress. Some plugins simply crumble as they get out of the gate, some roll along producing enough income to keep it interesting, and some become multiple million dollar per year businesses. There are no guarantees. Except for this. It is a huge amount of work. And real business acumen is required. Not to mention serious programming skills.

Next week I will show you how to demo the precise technology that powers For free, so you an try it yourself and see if you like it.

Note: As I write this, I just got a notice that a bid has been placed on my eBay item. This takes away the Buy It Now button (price was $125.00) This is great to have a bid so early after listing it. Basically it means that someone thought it could sell for $125 so the placed a bid to take away that option. So, we have a full week left to see what other bidding takes place. Very exciting.

It is now officially Friday, so TGIF.




Survive a PC disaster with a free trial of Carbonite cloud backup!