Make sure your domain name…

does not expire. Really. After a certain number of days it goes into various levels of non attainability. It can then cost over $200 to get it back. And after that, it goes to an even deeper level where no one can have it for 60 days. Then, you have to hope that some entity does not snap it up for the purpose of selling it back to you.

If you are lucky, you can then buy it back for the normal $20 bucks or so. But in this day and age of so many life problems, this one is so easy to eliminate. Just know who your Domain Registrar is (Think Namecheap, Godaddy, enom, and know when you need to renew. They will remind you, but if you change email addresses and forget to inform the registrar, this becomes a problem.

If you are hosted with AND I have registered your domain name through my account, then I will inform you when it is time to renew. I will MAKE SURE that you know, and will pay for it myself in case you are out of the country or otherwise unavailable.

The reason for this is that when your domain name expires, even though technically your site is still up, it is unavailable because the Internet itself does not know where to find your website. And that folks, is not good for business. At all.

As you can see by the banner ads, CapeWP is a huge fan of Namecheap. I have been using them for very near two decades.

Please feel free with any questions regarding your domain name if I host your website.

Another great way to go is to pay in advance. You can pay for up to ten years in advance.

FYI, the three domain names I will most likely have for life are:

I also have which I have not done anything with yet. The others I have email addresses associated with them and it is more problematic to give up those addresses than it is to keep the domain names 🙂

Waiting for the snow to melt,