Your new dashboard

I managed to get to New Bedford for…

another WordPress Meetup. Not a full WordCamp, no free lunches, and two hours as opposed to two days. Personally, I like them better. Easier to forge deeper relationships. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that I start one on Cape Cod. More work, but less travel. Cape Cod is FINALLY getting its own shared workspace in June. Sorely needed. And the perfect spot for a WordPress Meetup.

The level of knowledge and experience shared at these smaller venues is just as good as the larger WordCamp, just not as many speakers. (Usually one speaker)

And get this, there is actually one person in attendance that actually works for WordPress, the company. Right in our own backyard. For those who do not know, the WordPress office, such as it may be, is located in San Francisco and the “parent” company is called Automattic. It serves as a central base, but not in the usual way. Because 99% of the employees are spread throughout the 50 states. Among many other accomplishments, Automattic is a true trend setter in the remote office workspace arena. One of the first to the party.

OK, on to other stuff. The photo, as promised, is of what will become your new control panel. Yes, I know, almost to exciting to handle! You will be able to manage all your invoices, domain names, help tickets and services/website purchases from one place.

I am rolling it out slowly, but it will be before June, that is for sure. I am also working on a new logo/redesign of my website. If you have ever been there, you know how much that entails. Logo, tagline, branding, SEO, colors, photos, new biz card, new products etc.

One thing that has baffled me for too long is how to get people to understand that every person and every business needs a website and/or Blog. With no exception. Facebook is nice, but that is Mark Zuckerberg’s website. You and your business need your own website. The power of choosing your domain name and then putting up whatever content makes you happy and/or rich is just too compelling not to give it a try.

And yet I know many small business owners, more accurately called micro businesses (1-5 people) who when they hear $1200 or even $750 for a website, they cannot afford it, at least not yet. And as I am a one person business, I get that. We all have to watch expenses like a hawk. And yet they need a website. Not a fancy expensive site. But more of a brochure style that has contact info and lets people know what you do and how you can help them.

And one issue with WordPress is that, for a myriad of reasons, it can get a bit top heavy for those who need a quick and inexpensive site. Backups, databases, security, constant updates for plugins and themes, special hosting, etc. If the power and flexibility of WordPress is what you need, that is fine. But if you don’t need it, why pay for it?

I have literally scoured the entire Internet to find an affordable solution that is not horrible. And that will allow you to take charge and easily (relatively) change your site. After many hours of searching and testing, to my surprise, I managed to find a solution I am very impressed with.

For now, we will call it the cpanel site builder. Once you (or I) build your site, it gets exported as what is called a “static” website. No databases, no usurping of server resources, no updates, no plugins. Easy peasy.

The best thing about it is… THE PRICE! I am working on putting procedures in place that will allow me to offer this type of website for $195-295 with $10 per month hosting. What will it look like? Very much like this. You do not get Facebook or Amazon for this price 🙂 And yet, when a potential client asks if you have a website, you can hold your head high and answer a resounding “Yes!”.

Funnily enough, one benefit of this style of site is that by definition, it loads up like a lightning bolt! There are entire businesses based solely on speeding up WordPress sites. No need for that here.

The next best thing is the ease of use. It is no harder than Microsoft Word. Yes, I know that can be hard, but most of us have learned to print or save a document in Word. Like anything else, nothing is actually easy until you have learned how to do it. Then it is easy 🙂

It really is going to be amazing. This has been years in the making.

Rock on, Happy Easter.