I mentioned a few weeks back that I was going to…

change my password manager from 1Password to Dashlane. Guess what? Not gonna happen. Not because Dashlane is bad. It may even be easier than 1Password. Nope, it is simply because I am used to 1Password and it does the trick.

Sometimes the pull of the “devil we know” is strong. And other times, change is necessary. Sometimes it is hard to know the difference.

I mean, if we all, as computer users, never changed, we would still be putting our Word Docs on 3.5 inch floppy disks for safekeeping. Instead of in “the cloud” or on USB thumb drives. Notice that no one and I mean darn near No One uses CD’s anymore. Ouch. Slow, unreliable. Maybe here and there for music, but certainly not for data storage.

When I need a new password, I generate one using 1Password and it looks like this:


And I never need to remember it because that is 1Password’s job.

Another thing that people do is use the same username and password for everything. Ouch, the criminals LOVE that like we love ice cream. Because the very first thing they do after cracking a server and gaining thousands of user/pass combinations is try those very same ones at all financial online institutions to see if they work. So even of they broke into a relatively unimportant server, the payoff can be huge.

This is yet another reason to use a password manager. 1Password and Dashlane are the two I know and like. I am sure there are others.

Because I do not know about you, but I got plenty enough problems without having a terrorist clean out my PayPal account 🙂

By backing up and using a password manager, you can completely (99.999%) eliminate your risk. Nice when things are so simple.

And now, with the busy season almost upon us, I give us all the same advice that was offered by The Grateful Dead at their last concert ever. Go out there and be kind.

Rock on,