Merry Christmas to all!








Thank you all so much for being a faithful reader! And thanks to all sporadic readers as well!

You know I love Constant Contact. I believe they are one of the best tech companies on the planet. They are a MA based Route 128 company. Their phone support is second to none. And they are one of the few companies that actually understands User Interface. It was not without some trepidation that I even considered another approach.

However, their Achilles heel (and I have personally spoken to them about this) is their lack of integration with WordPress. Hence, this groundbreaking trendsetting issue is brought to you by MailChimp and WordPress. So far, it looks like a perfect marriage. There may be some virtual dust that needs to be cleaned up, so I ask just a little bit of patience as I perfect the design. It will be worth it.

Over the decades, I have used many email mass mailing programs. I even one time send to a list of 3500 from my own computer. Yikes! (I did it legally, no spamming here) That took about 7-10 hours as I recall. In contrast, Constant Contact sent out 15,000 emails in about a half hour.

I had previously experimented with MailChimp years ago. And liked it just fine. Recently I was reading a fellow WordPress blogger and he mentioned that MailChimp worked great with WordPress.Taking this cue, I feverishly  did further research, then took down the brand new system that I had just installed as part of this new and exciting WordPress Blog, and re-signed up for MailChimp, trained myself in their new and greatly improved systems, did extensive testing and installed this new system on Phew.

The end result is that when I post new information to my website, MailChimp will mail you an excerpt with a clickable link to the full post. And in answer to the most burning question on everyone’s mind, you will NOT be receiving your usual 7:35am email. It will be an 8:00am ish email. So unless the Mayans were right, you will get your CapeWP WordPress news. Albeit 25 minutes late 🙂

I have some really great plans for 2013. I believe it is going to be a truly spectacularly great year for us all.

Merry Christmas to you and all those you love from Dave and Happy at


PS. All who have their WordPress site hosted with have been updated to WordPress 3.5! Your site is therefore more secure and also easier to use.