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Your website keeps great company…

The featured image shows you others that are hosted at the same data center as your website! How exciting. Those are some pretty substantial names!

More awesome behind the scenes work this week. CapeWP has added redundant name servers for all websites hosted here. This means that if your website is down (VERY unlikely 🙂 ) that your email will still be operative. Along with various other tech related benefits. Your sites are now hosted on a KVM based virtual server. This gives you more protection from others taking up valuable resources like RAM, CPU or I/O.

You may have not given your website a thought this last week, other than to field phone calls or emails from your website.

I assure you, that is not the case with me. Thinking about your website is what I do. Like Windows on the PC, WordPress is very popular. So updates are necessary. These are similar to the ones that Microsoft puts out for Windows. I take care of all of them.

All you ever need to do, should you so desire, is login to the WordPress Admin area make your changes, and add your pages and posts.

You do not need to spend days figuring out what type of hosting you need, and what host will be best for you. You do not need to worry about what version of WordPress is current. Or if your plugins are updated. CapeWP takes care of all that stuff so that you can focus on one thing. Adding content to your site. So that your visitors will have enough information to educate themselves about your product or service and decide to buy from you.

Simple, yes. But easy? Sometimes not so much. It is easy to get inundated in tech stuff these days. The tech itself invites information overload. CapeWP imitates the best companies on the web by making as many decisions for you so that you can focus on the ones that you know best. Kind of like searching for cars. If you KNOW that you need a crossover SUV, there is really no need to spend days looking at micro cars or huge pickup trucks. I get all those you do not need off the lot so that you see only what you need to see. Not too much, and not too little. No micro cars or pickup trucks on this lot!

This is one reason I offer only a single email solution. Sure, there are many out there, and most are quite good. The one I offer is the easiest to use and setup. And trust me, I have spent ENTIRE weekends (and long ones at that) testing most of the other solutions out there. Testing, breaking, fixing. All weekend long. To see if there was a better email solution for me and my clients. And there was not.

Hey, if you already have an email that works for you, buy all means, keep that one. But if you need one because you do not have one, or do not like the one you have, by all means, let me set you up with CapeWP Business Class Email.

Because I have done the research and the testing in my arena, I know what will work best for you.

Gmail is fine. Outlook Mail is dandy. But CapeWP Business Class Email wins. Reliability and ease of use.

I realize all this stuff can bore some folks to tears. No me! I have spent many a night learning as much as I can about all the technologies related to web hosting. And continue to do so. Because stuff is always changing 🙂

And one reason I do all this is so that you will have a fast and reliable website. If you choose to start learning about WordPress, you will have ONLY that to focus on. I will have taken care of all the pesky behind the scenes details.

Rock on,