My struggles with Constant Contact

CapeWP Podcast CEO

I spent some time on the phone with Constant Contact. Being able to call and have a real live person answer the phone is a truly wonderful “feature” of that company. And yet this time I was not able to attain resolution.

I called them twice in order to get different people, hoping that one of them could resolve my issue. For a couple of days I actually thought it was on my end, and was willing to eat Humble Pie if that was what was being served. But my second call to them showed me that it actually was an issue on their end.

And so, in the spirit of needing things to actually work (which in this case also saves me an entire step in the podcast production process) I moved over to MailChimp. I am sure you know by now that these companies are for sure the two biggest players in the email marketing arena. Hertz and Avis if you will.

As of this time, MailChimp “gets” WordPress better than Constant Contact. The feature that I needed at Constant Contact simply stopped working. They said it was intermittent, which in this case meant it may work for others but sure does not work for me. Many of my friends and clients use MailChimp becasue it is free. Which is great, especially if you have a smaller list and do not need the premium features like Autoresponders. I have always liked them, and like them even more now. They have improved their design section to where it is world class. And they blend with WordPress very nicely.

At this time, all I need to do is put up a new post/podcast on my site and it will automatically be sent to you at 7am on Saturday. If there is no new post, it sends nothing. And it does this without me having to login and set it up each week, saving me the better part of a half hour. Nice!

You will notice the new design, as well as an ad for Backblaze, in keeping with my new “business alignment”. It is also responsive, and will look good on your mobile phone.

I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast. I did some editing after the fact (I strive for pure “stream of consciousness” recording) and this is still a “feel my way as I go” experience. So please bear with me if there are some minor skips.

I had been meaning to mention that if any listener/reader would like a “shout out” for their business I would be happy to do that. I really want my business to be helping your business.

Enjoy your weekend, Podcast below.